‘Buyback cap good news for irrigators’

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UPDATE: A cap on water buybacks has been welcomed by various industry bodies and stakeholder organisations. A CAP on water buybacks has officially passed through the senate, a move that has been welcomed by industry bodies and irrigators.

The cap was passed as part of amendments toMurray-Darling Basin Plan legislation capping federalgovernment water purchases, known as buybacks, at 1500 gigalitresunder the Basin Plan.

NSW Farmers water spokesmanand MIAirrigator Helen Dalton saidthecap wasan important component of the workability of the Basin Plan.

“The amended legislation will provide security and certainty to irrigators and Basin communities,” she said.

“The cap is also a sign that the government is acknowledging the significant social and economic impacts that large-scale removal of productive water out of the Basin has.”

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has alsowelcomed the passing of thelegislation.

NFF Water Taskforce chairman Les Gordon said the peak farm body hadlong advocated for thekey election commitment to be met.

“The bipartisan support for the 1500GL cap on water buybacks gives farmers and processors in the basin more confidence to continue investing in agriculture,” he said.

“The announcement shows the parliament has listened to these communities and responded to some of their concerns.”

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Freckles take out the Netball GFphotos

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Freckles take out the Netball GF | photos Pic No: 9363

Pic No: 9369

Pic No: 9374

Pic No: 9375

Pic No: 9376

Pic No: 9377

Pic No: 9387

Pic No: 9397

Pic No: 9408

Pic No: 9409

Pic No: 9410

Pic No: 9411

Pic No: 9412

Pic No: 9413

Pic No: 9414

Pic No: 9415

Pic No: 9416

Pic No: 9418

Pic No: 9419

Pic No: 9421

Pic No: 9422

Pic No: 9423

Pic No: 9424

Pic No: 9427

Pic No: 9432

Pic No: 9433

Pic No: 9440

Pic No: 9443

Pic No: 9445

Pic No: 9446

Pic No: 9449

Pic No: 9450

Pic No: 9456

Pic No: 9457

Pic No: 9459

Pic No: 9464

Pic No: 9468

Pic No: 9469

Pic No: 9470

Pic No: 9476

Pic No: 9477

Pic No: 9478

Pic No: 9487

Pic No: 9488

Pic No: 9490

Pic No: 9491

Pic No: 9492

Pic No: 9493

Pic No: 9496

Pic No: 9497

Pic No: 9498

Pic No: 9499

Pic No: 9500

Pic No: 9502

Pic No: 9503

Pic No: 9504

Pic No: 9507

Pic No: 9508

Pic No: 9509

Pic No: 9511

Pic No: 9512

Pic No: 9520

Pic No: 9522

Pic No: 9525

Pic No: 9526

Pic No: 9534

Pic No: 9538

Pic No: 9545

Please note photo number when ordering

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Touch and go for future of summer competition

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IT IS easily Cootamundra’s biggest summer sport, but yet again willing volunteers are nowhere to be found.

SUMMER WINNER: Touch football is Coota’s biggest summer sport for all ages. Mikayla Sheahan, Lauren Connell, Laura Miller, Brooke Thompson and Alec Sutherland. Picture: Harrison Vesey

On Monday September 14 a disappointing roll up of only fourpeople turned up to theCootamundra Touch Football Association annual general meeting.

When you considerthere arearound 500 players participating in the local competition it’s very sad whenonly fourpeople attend the one-off meeting.

Some people may be turned off coming for the fear of getting stuck with a job, but it seems that all executive positions will be filled this year.

More numbers are needed at an AGM though to reach a quorum.

The clubwill try again with the AGM to be held on MondaySeptember 21 at 6:30pm in the Wattle Lounge of the Ex-Services Club.

We urge as many people as possible to attend.

If there is no committee formed there will be no touch footy played this coming season.

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Here’s cheers to a great year

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SPIRIT: Cessnock Goannas cheerleaders (front) Taylah Russell, Evie Passfield and Kayla Crosdale, and back, Jordarna Barber, Felicity Hodgins, Rhia Cartwright, Briana Hall, Amity Rockley and Haley Fenwick. Absent: Kaitlyn Levy, Tiffani Musgrove, Olivia Witherspoon.The Cessnock Goannas cheerleaders have wrapped up their pom poms for another year now the Goannas’ Real NRL season is complete.

The squad of 12 girls performed at every Goannas home game this year, led and choreographed by local Newcastle Knights cheerleader Alecia McCallum.

The girls all attend the Kirsty Gunther Academy of Dance and take part in a specialised cheerleading class as well as rehearsals once a week.

All girls are also involved in other classes at the academy, but Gunther said the cheerleading gives them something different.

“They love it,” she said.

“It’s not just dance class; they’re actually getting to perform.”

This is the third year in a row that girls from the academy have provided the cheerleading at the Goannas’ home games, and while Gunther said this is a relatively young squad, they have improved a lot over the course of the year.

“They’ve come a long way,” she said.

Gunther said the Cessnock club and the players were fantastic throughout the year, and that she is very proud of the girls.

“They’re a great bunch of girls,” she said.

“I’m very lucky as a teacher.”

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C Grade Emus

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C Grade Emus Andrew Hughes Age – 31Occupation – Motel Manager Hughsey brings versatility and can play anywhere from front row to number 8.

Trent Raymond Age – 39Occupation – Another Chemical Bloke “Mr Union” is the fittest he’s been in 300 games. He would want to be, being the club fitness trainer.

Harry noble

Paddy Daly

Michael Turvey Age – 20 Occupation – FarmerThe big Turve has come a long way this season and has learnt the age old art of scrumaging off the likes of Brett, Doug and Jay.

Mitchell Lawless Age – 31Occupation – Apprentice Sparky Mitch has become a leader and has played more games this season than anyone else in the club.

Jeff Suhr Age – 50Occupation – Lives off his Old ManTells everyone that he’s the best number 8 in the club. Stick to the 2nd Row Scoob.

Francis Hayes Age – 33Occupation – Sparky Fittest he’s been, he and Fritta have been working hard.

Hugh Oliver Age – 21 Occupation – Apprentice SparkyNeeds to bring his A game and when he does there is some hard hitting and great work around the middle.

Tom Cook Age – 19Occupation – Mummy’s BoyNot the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Phil Fairbanks Age – 34Occupation – Carpenter Along with Ash, Phil is one of the biggest hitters in the game. You don’t want to run into this pair.

Geoff OnusGeoff’s great season unfortunatley came to a premature end with a fractured cheek bone and eye socket. He has taken up the reigns of C Grade Coach.

Luke Fritz Age – 35Occupation – Rugby President Fritta has also been doing extra sessions with Franga over near the Railway somewhere.

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