Adventurers experience Northern Grampians

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HARD SLOG: Team Thought Sports Shotz Nutrition beginning the club to the top of Mt Stapylton. Picture: CONTRIBUTEDThought SportsShotz Nutrition has won the two-day Grampians Adventure Challenge ahead ofDynamite Adventure Racing Park who were close behind in second at the weekend.

Teams of adventurers keen for a challenge, kayaked, abseiled, mountain biked and hiked their way across the northernGrampians for the event.

There was also separate trail runs held on each day.

Paul Gruber from team Dynamite Adventure Racing Park said the competition had provided a valuable insight into some less traveled sections of the Grampians.

“Everyone just loved the course, and it has really opened my eyes to some of the lesser known treasures the Northern Grampians has tucked away,” he said.

This event is usually known as the Winter Challenge but due to the sunshine was nothing like its name.

Adventure racing is an outdoor sport where teams of four or two mustnavigate their way to checkpoints using only a map and compass.

Competitors from South Australia and New South Wales came to participate in the two day challenge.

They race beganZumstein Picnic Ground with competitors running along MacKenzie Creek to MacKenzie Falls and then ending up at Wartook Reservoir on Saturday,

From there they had to paddle across the lake to reach even more checkpoints.

The competitors found their way to Mt Stapylton carpark by mountain biking across Mt Difficult.

The teams then made their way up the rocks to an abseiling point.

After safely descending the groups then faced a climb to the top of Mount Stapylton.

The final stage for the day included the teams making their way to Laharum Grove.

The next day all the teams gathered at the Zumstein Picnic Ground for the second part of their challenge.

The teams mountain biked their way through dirt tracks, attempting to find checkpoints hidden along the way and soon found themselves at Lake Wartook again.

With the weather being windier than the day before it made the paddle just a little bit more challenging than usual.

After an easy downhill ride to get to the Asses Ears they were then faced with a grueling climb to the top.

With only a short ride left to go, teams raced back to the Wander Inn where they were treated with a great meal.

For information about The Winter Challenge you can visit 苏州美甲美睫培训学校winterchallenge苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛.

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Supreme Court incest trial begins in Launceston

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A MAN accused of having sexual intercourse with his teenage daughter is on trial in the Supreme Court in Launceston.

The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to three counts of indecent assault and one count of incest.

The acts are alleged to have occurred on the same day.

The accusations of indecent assaults include the man using a pen or markerto write words and draw arrows on the girl’s body, including her inner thigh area and abdomen.

The alleged words include “…’s property keep out” and “access denied to all but…”

Crown prosecutor Peter Sherriff, in his opening address, told jurors that the complainant learnt the accused was her father about a year before the allegations arose.

“It seems the accused had not played any fatherly role in her upbringing… she met him for the first time then and thereafter they spent some time together,” he said.

Mr Sherriff said that on a particular day, the accused and complainant exchanged text messages and the girl went to meet the accused who was staying in a hotel.

He said the allegations arose from what occurred that night in the hotel room.

The prosecutor said the agreed facts between the parties included a transcript of text messages between the accused and the complainant, takenfrom the man’s mobile phone.

In his opening address, defence counsel Alan Hensley said it was agreed that the complainant had been told the accused was her father and subsequently, an arrangement was made by text message for them to meet in a hotel.

“It’s also agreed that there were a number of text messages previously sent in the days and weeks leading up to the critical part and those text messages will cause you some concern; they are sexual in nature,” he said.

Mr Hensley said none of the agreed facts, however, established the critical elements of the crimes alleged beyond reasonable doubt.

“The state will not be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that anything the accused did was unlawful or indecent,” he said.

Furthermore, Mr Hensley said that strangely, in this day and age of DNA testing, the Crown would fail to prove the accused was the complainant’s father and that any sexual intercourse occurred between the two.

The trial, before Justice Helen Wood, continues.

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Flood study identifies risks

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UPDATED: The North Central Catchment Management Authority is set to unveil a “comprehensive” flood study into the Heathcote region.HEATHCOTE residents are invited to arrange one-on-one meetings with experts to discuss updated flow information contained in the town’s new flood study.

The North Central Catchment Management Authority project officer Jolene Goulton said the report’s mapping was the “most comprehensive” ever done for the town.

“The study has identified a number of flood-related issues for Heathcote, such as the speed of flood development within the McIvor Creek catchment, the hazard caused by deep fast-flowing water over creek crossingsduring floods, and the hazard caused by deep flood water over the Northern and McIvorhighways,” she said.

Meetings will be held on September 21 between 1pm and 6pm at the Heathcote Senior Citizens Centre.

Bookings are essential to enablestaff members to come prepared and armed with the correct information.

To book, email [email protected]论坛 orphone5448 7124.

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Seeing life’s little details

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An eye for detail: Gwen Roberts has made the move to Australia where she will continue her career as a photo realist artist. Pic: MATT ATTARDGWEN Roberts is a woman with a remarkable talent.

Her attention to detail and natural skills as a photo realist artist sees her first exhibit in Australia held next month.

The UK native recently moved to Port Macquarie with her husband Ian after spending her earlier years in Leicestershire, England. There she studied art and music at college before forging a career in the finance industry.

As a child it was seldom to find Gwen without a pencil in her hand, vigorously doodling away.

It wasn’t until much later in life that she decided to delve back into the world of art, leaving her job in finance to study fine art at the Winchester school of art.

“After life happened and I got a job I realised it was quite stressful,” she said.

“I picked up a pencil after 20 years without drawing and realised that I still had a passion for art.”

Although she enjoyed aspects of her time at the Winchester school of art, she severed her three year course after just one year to continue to hone in on her natural gift.

“They really didn’t teach me any skills,” she said. “I did a lot of study off my own back. I was happy doing my own thing.”

An eye for detail: Gwen Roberts has made the move to Australia where she will continue her career as a photo realist artist. Pic: MATT ATTARD

Taking at least two weeks to complete a piece, Gwen has several stunning portraits to her name, including her favourite – a portrait of legendary singer Johnny Cash.

“Every piece has a story behind it and every person has a story behind them,” she said.

“In the case of Cash, his eyes were the inspiration for me. He seems to stare back. It’s very engaging with the chains in the picture representing his personality and his history.”

As well as portraits, Gwen is known to dabble in abstract art as well, which is evident in her portrait of Cash.

Every time she lays out a fresh sheet of paper and sharpens her pencils, Gwen is making a connection with whomever she is drawing.

“I think that art is an encounter,” she said. “What I’m always trying to do is look harder at a person.

“A normal person will look at you during a conversation and recognise who you are. For me, I am looking at what makes us recognisable. What is it about their features?”

It is that out-of-the-box train of thought that has led to the success Gwen has achieved.

As well as her exhibits, Gwen often gives live demonstrations and artist talks. Her work is hanging in Port Macquarie’s Sunset Gallery and Lounge.

You can view her first solo exhibition in Australia throughout October and November at Long Point Gallery and Vineyard, Lake Cathie.

For more information on purchasing originals, commissions and limited edition prints you can contact Gwen by e-mail at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训学校419论坛 or check out 苏州美甲美睫培训学校facebook苏州美甲美睫培训学校/gwenrobertsartist.

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Trainee paramedics hit the road

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ON THE JOB: Trainee paramedic David Truscott has joined the crew at Cessnock Ambulance Station.Forty-five fresh-faced and enthusiastic trainee ambulance paramedics have hit the road around NSW, including one in Cessnock, following an eight-week intensive training program.

The trainees attended and passed their course at the NSW Ambulance Education Centre (AEC), and will now undertake three years of on-the-job training and study a Diploma of Paramedical Science by distance education.

The group was trained in human anatomy and physiology, patient assessment, medical emergencies and treatment, trauma management, maternity, basic and advanced life support techniques and equipment, scene management and coping with stressful situations.

“Our experienced paramedics educators here at the Ambulance Education Centre have given them a fantastic foundation for when they go out on road and put those skills into practice,” NSW Ambulance paramedic and director of education Alan Morrison said.

One of the trainees, David Truscott will be based in Cessnock for nine months of his training, before resuming five weeks of study at the AEC in Roselle then starting 18 months further on-road training.

He began his duties in Cessnock working day-shift on August 22 and since then Mr Truscott said he has learnt certain things that only come from real-life training.

“They can’t teach you how to talk with a patient,” he said.

He is looking forward to being a part of the real, on-the-job work and the experiences that will come with it.

“No shift will be the same, no patient will be the same and I guess I look forward to the challenge,” he said.

Mr Truscott applied to become a paramedic while studying a nursing degree at university.

“I really want to help people which is why I started a nursing degree,” he said.

“When the applications opened for this job, I jumped at the opportunity to apply and help people outside of hospital.”

Mr Truscott is also a volunteer firefighter and deputy captain of his local RFS at Cooranbong, and enjoys giving back to the community.

“A paramedic is one of those things that’s as much in the community as you can get.

Although he is not entirely sure what he wants to do once qualified, Mr Truscott is keen to absorb as much as he can during his time in Cessnock, and feels fortunate to be working in the area.

“I’m very lucky to be based in Cessnock,” he said.

“It’s a very good team.

“I just want to be the best paramedic I can be and then we’ll see from there.”

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