Council to highlight financial grants case

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HORSHAM Rural City Council will write to the federal government to outline the importance of Financial Assistance Grants.
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It comes after council received a letter from Australian Local Government Association chairman Troy Pickard and Municipal Association of Victoria president Bill McArthur about the issue.

The letter said the groups’ campaign to maintain the grants was gathering momentum.

The government moved last year to freeze indexation on the grants for three years.

The two associations estimate the freeze will cost councils across Australia $925 million by 2017-18, and theywant the government to reverse the decision.

The letter asked councils to pass a resolution acknowledging the grants’ importance in helping councils deliver essential community services.Horsham councillors agreed unanimously.

The letter stated while the grants were paid through each state’sLocal Government Grants Commission, the funding was federal money.

The groups asked councils to ensurefunding was identified as federal grant money in any council publications and reports to help push the campaign.

Horsham councillors voted to do this.

Councillor Heather Phillips said the grants were critical.

“We get $598.70 per head for recurrent grants, but we spend around $2094 per head,” she said.

“We get about our quarter of our local spend from theFinancial Assistance Grants scheme–we could not run the municipality without them.”

Council will write to Deputy Prime Minister and Regional Development MinisterWarren Truss to highlight its plight.

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Words alone won’t stop violence

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NSW Premier Mike Baird has this week announced domestic violence will be one of his 12 priorities.
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While the sentiment is admirable the announcement needs to be backed up by action and funds.

So far, his track record has not been good.

While he managed to find $1 billion to rebuild two existing sports stadia he has presided over cuts to domestic violence shelters and services and cuts to the Family and Community Services department.

Both of these areas must be funded if the state is to get truly serious about tackling domestic violence head on.

The government, and the community, need to get as angry and as scared as they do when a shark tries to bite off a man’s leg.

They need to be as outraged as they were when Daniel Christie was killed by a one-punch attack in Kings Cross.

When the 18-year-old died the government sprang into action, increasing the penalty of one-punch attacks and introducing laws in the Sydney central business district which aimed to stop it happening again.

It took the death of just one young man to bring about these changes.

So why is there still at least one woman dying at the hands of her partner, or ex-partner every week?

Why are men who harass, intimidate, breach apprehended violence orders still getting a mere slap on the wrist?

Why are women still being turned away from shelters and services, not because they aren’t worthy of help and support, but because there is no room for them.

These poorly funded, understaffed services are unable to help hundreds of women a year.

How many women have lost their lives because Mr Baird’s government have made these cuts?

We may never know, but one thing is certain — more money is needed, fast.

Do it now and stop more women from losing their lives.

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Memories stolen

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An Eaglehawk residence was ransacked and burgled on Monday leaving most things of value behind.
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Jess Berrill and her daughter Aaliyah Booth returnedto their Church Street home after their day, to find thieves had stolen from the bedroom, the lounge room and the dining room.

Unfortunately for Ms Berrill what the thieves did take meant much more to her than any material item they left behind.

A box containing about 15 small video tapes were taken along with the camera they were recorded on.

Seemingly opportunistic thieves stole precious video recordings of her nine-year-old daughter’s birth and childhood.

“It has my daughter being born, her growing up and just before my grandfather died,” she said.

“There is nine year of my daughter’s life on those cameras.

“The box was precious too.

“It was a wooden box with a carved celtic cross on it.

“That is unique in itself.

“You can’t replace that stuff.”

Ms Berrill, a social worker, said the items stolen had surprised and caught her off guard.

“It’s weird the stuff they took,” she said.

“Wouldn’t it make sense to grab my computer?

“The stuff they took is irreplaceable.”

Ms Berrill said she did not care about the camera she just wanted the memories returned.

She said the thieves also stole some of her jewellery.

“They took the bracelet I got when I was born,” she said.

“They took the huge crystal I bought when I got a new job recently.”

Aaliyah Booth said she was surprised the thieves did not take her guitar or something of more value.

“Those tapes might have poppy on them,” she said.

Ms Berrill said the window in the bathroom was where the offenders entered the house.

Bendigo Police confirmed the break in happened between 8am and 7pm.

If you saw anything in the area on Monday Police urge you to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Jess Berrill’s Eaglehawk house was broken into on Monday and the thieves took much more than just a few household items.

Seemingly opportunistic thieves stole precious video recordings of her nine-year-old daughter’s birth and childhood.

About 15 small video tapes were taken along with the camera they were recorded on.

Ms Berrill said she did not care about the camera she just wanted the memories returned.

“It has my daughter being born, her growing up and just before my grandfather died,” she said.

More to come.

If you know anything about this call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 immediately.

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Central Oval hosts training academy

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ABOUT 100 staff and students from Port Augusta and surrounding areas participated in the South Australia Aboriginal Sports Training Academy coaching day held at Central Oval recently.
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Sessions were conducted by coaches from Netball SA, South Australian Cricket Association and Basketball SA with students travelling from Port Pirie, Leigh Creek, Coober Pedy, Quorn, Whyalla, Mark Oliphant College and Ocean View College.

Students are assessed on training sessions leading up to the state-wide competition in Adelaide as part of the 2015 SAASTA Shield program.

Students will have the opportunity to compete against 400 indigenous students from 15 SAASTA Academies for chance to play the curtain raiser between the Adelaide 36ers and Perth Wildcats on Wednesday, November 18.

The event was enjoyed by all involved with outstanding athleticism, sportsmanship and skills demonstrated throughout the day.

Coaches of each of the codes were full of praise for all students involved and impressed with the new facility in the town.

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Trish Doyle rallies for registered nurses in aged care homes

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MP for Blue Mountains, Trish Doyle, pictured with deputy opposition leader Linda Burney, led a parliamentary debate on keeping registered nurses in aged care homes 24/7.Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle has rallied for registered nurses during a debate in Parliament last week.
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Ms Doyle called on the Liberal government to enshrine in law the requirement for aged care facilities and nursing homes to roster registered nurses 24 hours a day, seven days a week in every NSW facility.

Ms Doyle said she had been fighting alongside the nurses for a number of years and “it isn’t over”, handing over a petition with more than 27,000 names to the parliament in June.

“I will not let up on this until the Health Minister can guarantee aged care residents will receive quality, round the clock care from a registered nurse.”

But Health Minister Jillian Skinner told the Gazette “no decision has been made by the NSW government to change the legislative requirement for registered nurses in nursing homes” and an inquiry wasn’t expected to report back until the end of next month”.

Nursing activists from the Mountains including Shirley Ross-Shuley, Jocelyn Hoffman, Annette Peters, Peter Buckney and Louise Stammers were in the gallery to hear the debate.

They had earlier campaigned in a rally outside Macquarie Street.

Debate on the issue in the legislative assembly was not extended as government members refused leave to allow those on the speaking list to contribute to the discussion, Ms Doyle said.

“The Baird government wants to tell us on the one hand that they support nursing staff and patients, but when it came to the crunch they used procedural rules in the legislative chamber to guillotine the debate while Labor MPs were on their feet ready to speak to the issue,” she said.

“Just because the Baird government’s prepared to gag debate does not mean that this issue will go away. The sheer number of signatories to the petition is testimony to the importance of this issue in the public’s view.

However Mrs Skinner said the debate “was conducted under standing orders – two Labor MPs spoke, as did two Liberal MPs and one Greens MP”.

The Legislative Council is conducting an inquiry into registered nurses in NSW nursing homes with a final report due on October 30.

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B Grade Player profiles

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A Grade Captain Coach and resident rugby reporter Matt Bell tells you everything you need to know about the Emus BGrade team set to take on the Condamine Cods in the Grand Final this weekend.
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B Grade Player profiles Mick Maher (C) Age – 32Occupation – Parts Manager at Blacks/Brock Lawless’s MentorMoo Maher has leadership skills i would happily take to a war zone. Damaging runner and just as brutal in defence.

Brett Corish Age – 37Occupation – Tractor Driver My fitness is a leader among leaders in this side. Looks great in lycra in the off season.

Doug McDougal Age – 34Occupation – One of those Chemical Blokes Dougy is another who has put everything into this year and showing the young guys how it’s done.

Rob Anderson Age – 34Occupation – Banker The ever reliable Shepp has defied his body and kept pushing himself to play on to help the club wherever he can.

Harry Webster Age – 26Occupation – FarmerHe is lean and wirey but don’t let that fool you, he gives as anyone and has stepped up and played a handful of A grade games this year.

Jeremy Beeston Age – 24Occupation – Brett Corish’s Apprentice Tractor DriverBeesty thought he was a half back, this year he’s been Mr Fix-it playing anywhere in the back line. He’s relishing playing on the side of the scrum as opposed to feeding the scrum.

Ben Dillon Age – 20 Occupation – Apprentice Grease Monkey Dillo is just starting to step out of the shadows of his old man. He’s stepped up and hasn’t looked out of place in A Grade this year.

Tim Cuthbert Age – 35Occupation – Pretends to be a FarmerTimmy loves this time of year, he actually comes to training. Rocks or diamonds, you never know what you’re going to get.

David Wild Age – 36Occupation – Another Chemical Bloke Wildy still possesses his big boot and his vision is an asset to the side.

Brock Lawless Age – 33Occupation – Head Monkey at Black’sBrocky really steers the side around at halfback on one leg.

Andrew Woods Age – 43Occupation – Truck Driver The “Grain Train” is everybody’s favourite. Everyone wants to play with Woodsey. Still possesses one of the best in and away’s the game has seen.

Pierce Saunders Age – 29Occupation – Sparky Coming back from injury, he will be a great addition to the side this weekend. Bring a wealth of experience.

Terry Gleeson Age – 40+ Occupation – Teacher Experience; no more to be said. His kicking game has got his side out of trouble many a time. Watch out for the “show and go”.

Dom O’Connor Age – 28Occupation – Used Tractor Salesman Enigmatic this season, hardly been sighted at training. But still brings his A Game.

Ben Todd Age – 31Occupation – Agronomist Toddy has led from the front, steering the pack around but most of the time tearing in and doing the hard yards. Still has a sweet pass.

Andrew McPherson Age – 37Occupation – Another Chemical BlokeFleabane can control and dominate a game, can be toxic to the opposition. Still a player to watch in these big games.

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Central keeps SGL premiership dream alive

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Clayton Crabbe is soiled in the contest by his West Augusta opponent Fraser Sinkinson.CENTRAL Augusta booked a place in the SGL A grade grand final with a tough 14-point win over West Augusta at Central Oval last weekend.
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In warm conditions the Bloods held a slight lead at every change and held off a determined Hawks team to take the victory.

Neither side took the advantage early, with the even contest providing plenty of stoppages.

The Bloods’ Geoff Appleton started well then got forward and kicked the first goal of the match.

Centrals took a two-goal lead as Jared Reid made himself dangerous, but it didn’t last long as the Hawks quickly hit back.

They kicked two goals, one to Michael Curley and one to key forward Hayden Warren.

Madigan medallist Nic Collins was quiet in the first term as Dylan Baker gave him no space.

Blood Kristopher Crabbe kicked truly from a set shot to give Centrals a six-point lead late in the quarter as his side looked to take the ascendency.

Centrals kicked three early goals during the second term and looked like the much stronger team.

That was until halfway into the term when West surged back into the game.

The Hawks showed grit as they kicked the next three goals against the momentum, with Jordan Warren doing the damage with two terrific goals.

Central’s ruckman Clayton Crabbe kicked a goal late in the quarter giving gave the Bloods back a two-goal lead at halftime.

The Hawks made some positional changes and played excellent football after the main break.

Ray Hayes put Hayden Warren into the midfield, Jordan Warren at full forward and Curley tagged Appleton making an instant impact on the game.

Collins got running and broke free from his tag and gather numerous influential possessions and Jordan Warren, Justin Nunn and Joe Packard.

The changes provided a spark that saw West kick six goals for the quarter.

Unfortunately for West though, the Bloods’ Aaron Parsons played an unbelievable third quarter to keep the Hawks from running away with the game.

Parsons made the most of his chances and kicked three vital goals.

Centrals Clayton Crabbe kicked a second and Nic Callary launched long goal late in the quarter to give Centrals a five-point lead with one quarter remaining.

The last quarter was tense and entertaining.

West moved the ball forward quickly early in the quarter allowing Hayden Warren to soccer the ball through on the goal line to even the scores.

The next 10 minutes saw both clubs struggle to get the ball forward, before Appleton again stepped up for Centrals.

He got his hands on the ball and kicked truly from a set shot 30-metres out to give the Bloods a 10-point lead.

With time winding down in the quarter Kristopher Crabbe marked the ball 35-metres out from goal on a very tough angle.

He went back and kicked a magnificent goal.

West didn’t give up but couldn’t kick another goal in the match.

Click here to see the A grade preliminary finalfooty gallary -

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A new weapon against swooping magpies

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A new app has been designed to warn pedestrians of where they may be vulnerable to swooping Magpies in the local area.SPRING has arrived and with it protective and vicious magpies.
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Everyone has their own tale of getting swooped but one man decided to do something about it.

A couple of years ago after getting swooped while riding his bike, Jon Clark got home and started searching the internet for information and perhaps somewhere to register the attack.

“I found a number of websites, mostly local government sites warning about magpies,” he said.

“I then came across the odd cycling club website with magpie swoops recorded, but nothing in my area and nothing across Australia.”

Magpie alert was born as a place where anyone across Australia can come and register their swoops to pre-warn others.

Users have reported more than 1500 attacks, with 198 resulting in injuries across Australia so far this year.

“This social website will allow you to track aggressive magpies in your area,” Mr Clark said.

“You can record an attack using Google Maps and warn others in your area.

“We will also publish your advice and experiences.”

Port Pirie and Whyalla have already got a couple of swoopings reported online.

As well as reporting where and how vicious the magpies in your area are, the website also has a collection of articles and stories about being swooped and prevention tips submitted by users.

The website has been given a makeover this year to make it more mobile friendly and with a responsive design.

“We don’t hate the birds we just don’t like them pecking us,” Mr Clark said.

To start reporting your magpie attacks sign up with to the website (magpiealert南京夜网) using Facebook, twitter or google accounts.

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Culture day celebrated at Willsden

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CULTURE WEEK: Students at Willsden PrimarySchool enjoyed dot painting as part of their CultureWeek activities last week. Pictured is – StayceeStroyan, Sarah Williams, Chloe Cox, Emma Newbery.(inset) while students and teachers participated in footycolours day where they wore tops representing theirfavourite team, and also supported the Fight CancerFoundation. PHOTOS: SuppliedWILLSDEN Primary School celebrated Culture Week and Footy Colours Day last week.
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Students wore colours representing their favourite football and soccer sides and also participated in cultural activities.

Acting Aboriginal Education Coordinator Kaitlin Taylor said the students joined in on a few different sessions throughout the day, including cultural games.

“Flinders block classes discussed what Culture means to them and made badges representing their ideas,” Ms Taylor said.

“They also made beaded jewellery which, in many cultures, is made to celebrate special occasions and there were sessions about Dreaming Stories held in the Library.

“The Spencer block students created dot painting, damper on the fire.

“We were very fortunate that Rahnee from Communities for Children and her team of helpers came in to work with our Spencer Block classes.”

Ms Taylor said there were many benefits in participating in the day for the students.

“Community is very important to Willsden Primary, the main benefit from celebrations like Culture Week is that students get to experience and discuss different aspects of their cultures and the cultures of others,” Ms Taylor said.

“All families were invited along to join in and celebrate the day with us.

“We had an opening ceremony/assembly where students received awards for the hard work they have been doing at school, and Miss Jess’s class shared their learning about Dreaming Stories and the school choir performed several songs.”

While the students and teachers were enjoying cultural activities they supported a good cause by wearing their footy tops.

Ms Taylor said gold coin donations were given by those wearing a top, with the money going towards the Fight Cancer Foundation.

“In total the Willsden School community raised $237, which is a fantastic effort.”

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HOT FLICKS: NWA emerges from mean streets of LA

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Straight Outta Compton in cinemas now.YOU don’t have to be an NWA fan to like Straight Outta Compton.
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You don’t even have to follow rap or hip-hop, though it will mean more to you if you do.

It’s a well-made, well-acted movie that chronicles the historic rise and fall of late 1980s “reality rappers” NWA – Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren and DJ Yella – from the mean streets of south Los Angeles to the top of the music world.

Directed by F Gary Gray, who directed Ice Cube in Friday, Straight Outta Compton is so much more than the hip-hop group’s history, tackling race issues, hatred of the police system and using music to make a political point.

The film’s final act is emotional, honest and raw.

It begins by introducing the three main players, Eric “Eazy-E” Wright (Jason Mitchell), a small-time drug-dealer; Andre “Dr Dre” Young (Corey Hawkins), an unemployed young father with a talent for spinning discs; and O’Shea “Ice Cube” Jackson (played by his real-life lookalike son O’Shea Jackson Jr), teenage lyricist.

The group, funded by Eazy-E, decides to start their own label Ruthless Records, puts out an EP with their “gangsta rap” sound, making an impact on youth dealing with the same daily problems and general poor standard of living conditions which the artists are very familiar with.

They catch the eye of manager Jerry Heller (Paul Giamatti), who promises to open doors and make their product “legit” in the music industry.

With costuming, fantastic casting and an incredible attention to detail, Straight Outta Compton has faithfully recreated a period of change in musical history.

Hawkins delivers a stand-out performance as Dr Dre, a character that doesn’t have the best lines or the verbal stoushes, but tells the story through his observation of those around him.

Dre’s eventual partnership with the volatile and downright unhinged Suge Knight – who in reality ran over a crew member during filming – brings a whole new level to Hawkins’ performance, and makes for the most suspenseful and unbelievable moments in the film.

Mitchell was the only member of the principal cast whose character is no longer alive and, as such, had the most pressure in accurately portraying Eazy-E – a task that he definitely met.

But it is watching Jackson portraying his own father that is the real highlight of Straight Outta Compton.

The young actor is the spitting image of Ice Cube and it is easy to forget that you’re not watching the man himself.

Straight Outta Compton is rated MA15+ and is in Hoyts cinemas now.

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