MP’s lack of response upsets Vietnam vet

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MP’s lack of response upsets Vietnam vet
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On June 23, 2015 I wrote to my local MP regarding the injustice applied by the federal government to the military superannuation scheme (DRRDB), seeking Russell Matheson’s personal response to the need to address the injustice.

I did not want a mere ministerial response or the party line but my local MP’s personal view. He failed to respond.

I sent a follow up letter on August 17, 2015, again my local federal MP failed to respond.

If Mr Matheson ignores the need for information from a Vietnam veteran, how can we in this electorate expect him to show concern for contemporary veterans of more recent deployments such as Afghanistan or Iraq?

John Fenton, Narellan

Shopping delight lost

My over 25 years of living in Camden has resulted in an unforeseen conversion: a terminally reluctant shopper, I came to enjoy the necessary activity, even delight in it.

No more, thank you Camden Council. Yes, it’s true you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, but there’s nothing as palatable as an omelette being cooked up in Camden town centre.

It’s rather the irremediable waste of a carton of eggs dropped on the floor.

This is council’s “vision” unfolding: the only possible upside being, in summer those broken eggs frying on the black granite pavers may be opportunistically nibbled by dogs sporting bespoke heat-resistant booties.

Unfortunately Camden Council’s not-a-plan “plan” will blister more than dogs’ feet.

We grieve for the Camden we love.

Sue Way, Camden

No one lifts a finger

A proclaimed heritage area such as Camden’s town heritage area has no meaning when senior council staff are able to state changes to the town centre will have minimum impact on Camden’s historic country town appearance, therefore they are able to proceed regardless of the Heritage Act.

Appealing to the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage invokes this answer to a question not asked:

Under the Heritage Act 1977, Interim Heritage Orders can be made if the minister considers that an item or place may, on further inquiry or investigation, be found to be of state or local heritage significance.

It is noted that the Camden town centre conservation area has already been assessed and included on the Camden Local Environmental Plan 2010 as an area of local heritage significance.

The minister considers that, as further investigation is unlikely to reveal heritage values that would meet the threshold for listing on the State Heritage Register, he has determined not to make an Interim Heritage Order for Camden town centre.

Our State Member of Parliament says it is out of his hands.

Our Federal Member of Parliament — the member for Macarthur — considers it is not a federal matter although Camden has been a Macarthur town since the year 1840.

This leaves one very disillusioned in the three levels of political process.

Charles Cowell, Camden

Safety suggestions

I’m a concerned local driver who lives at Mount Annan.

Here’s some road safety suggestions you’ve probably already identified.

■ Heading south, add a lane divider 2km to 3km before Narellan Road (Campbelltown/Camden) exit and notify drivers at least 5km to 6km before the turn which gives them 3km to get in the lane or go to Picton. Having the unbroken painted line on the road means nothing to some impatient drivers who frustrate motorists who do the right thing and obey the road rules. It’s these drivers that cause accidents.

■ Heading north, left turn onto Narellan Road needs a free-flowing lane.

Anthony Gales, Mount Annan

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