Sussan Ley has her say on change of Liberal leadership

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Sussan Ley. Picture: MARK JESSER Read how the news has been received around the country
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IndiLiberal candidate Sophie Mirabella has paid tribute to close friend Tony Abbott

Send a message directly to our new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

HEALTH Minister Sussan Ley has broken her silence on the change of Liberal leadership, congratulating Malcolm Turnbull on his elevation to Prime Minister.

The member for Farrer issued a short statement on Tuesday morning.

“I congratulate Mr Turnbull on becoming leader of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister,” Ms Ley said.

“I also wish to thank Tony Abbott for his leadership as both Opposition Leader and Prime Ministerduring what has been, and continues to be, a very important time for our country and its future prosperity.”

Ms Ley did not mention her personal prospects in a Turnbull Government and whether she expected to remain as Health Minister.

Instead she referred to her future in broad terms.

“This Coalition Government is delivering significant policies which benefit my electorate of Farrer directly and the people of Australia,” she said.

“I look forward to continuing to advance and promote these plans to the best of my ability.

“The change of leadership does not change our resolve to ensure we equip Australia with the tools to continue to thrive and prosper in the 21st century.”

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Liberal leadership: Daniel Andrews wants East West billions for Melbourne Metro from Malcolm Turnbull

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Tony Abbott said the $1.5 billion originally given to Victoria for the East West Link would remain in “a locked box”. Photo: Eddie Jim Daniel Andrews hopes prime minister-designate Malcolm Turnbull will fund rail as well as roads. Photo: Supplied
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Victoria hopes to secure billions of dollars of Commonwealth cash for the Melbourne Metro project under the new leadership of Malcolm Turnbull.

An upbeat Premier Daniel Andrews on Tuesday morning welcomed Mr Turnbull’s rise to the top job, labelling the new PM “an undoubted fan” of public transport.

He hailed the change as a chance to improve the sour relationship between Spring Street and Canberra.

Mr Andrews and soon-to-be former prime minister Tony Abbott had a frosty relationship with tensions particularly acute over major infrastructure funding and state Labor’s decision to dump the East West Link road project.

The pair rarely met or spoke and often exchanged words at each other through letters dropped to the media.

“I think it is fair to say Tony Abbott and I didn’t agree on too many things,” Mr Andrews said on Tuesday.

Mr Abbott was a major backer of the abandoned East West Link, allocating $3 billion for the project and declaring last year’s state poll a “referendum” on the project.

State Opposition Leader Matthew Guy also hopes for a better relationship with the federal government. On Tuesday afternoon he flew to Canberra to meet with Mr Turnbull to “discuss a positive way of ensuring Victorian infrastructure progresses”.

Mr Guy said he wanted the federal government to have a good understanding of Victoria’s infrastructure needs, and would be discussing this to find a “sensible and constructive” way forward.

Despite Labor’s victory, Mr Abbott said the $3 billion remained in a “locked box” for any future state government that wanted to build the road.

Mr Andrews’ campaigned to build the Melbourne Metro rail project instead and called for federal assistance, which had been rebuffed by the Abbott government.

“Victorians couldn’t really understand the previous prime minister’s absolute opposition of public transport, they couldn’t understand all this black box, locked box, all of this sort of talk,” Mr Andrews said.

The Premier offered an olive branch to the Commonwealth, saying he hoped he could work with Mr Turnbull to build the Melbourne Metro rail project.

He also said he would lobby for federal contributions to the Murray basin freight rail project, the Western distributor and some of the larger level crossing removals.

“I would welcome a strong and significant financial contribution from the Turnbull government in recognition of the new Prime Minister’s clear sense that public transport is just so important,” he said.

Mr Andrews would not put a figure on how much federal cash the state wanted.

Wishing Mr Abbott and his family well, Mr Andrews indicated that he hoped the change of leadership was a chance for a more cooperative relationship.

“I think people are thoroughly sick and tired of politicians just bickering and arguing, for argument’s sake.”

With hundreds of defence jobs under threat in Victoria, Mr Andrews also made a plea to Mr Turnbull for the Commonwealth to make an order for defence ships to help save jobs, including at BAE Systems in Williamstown.

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Enjoy summer picnics

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Pictured at Lambton Park Val and Carey Gent of Lambton, Newcastle, with their children Will age 5 and Alex age 2. Photo by Dean Osland (FFX).IT was Miss Piggy who said you should never eat more than you can lift. Chances are she must have been referring to that wonderful, warm-weather event, the picnic.
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We are often tempted to pack everything plus the kitchen sink, just in case we leave something behind, when really a picnic is often more about the event and the memory it creates.

Described as an occasion when a packed meal is eaten outdoors, especially during an outing to the countryside, picnics make fabulous surprise parties or just a simple way for friends and family to celebrate.

And they don’t always have to be outdoors or away from home. On a chilly night what could be more fun than laying out a picnic rug in the lounge and gathering together all the leftovers of the past weeks meals, and enjoying them with the family.

Of course if you venture away from the comfort zone of home, then remember to follow safety rules about packing food and ensure the only bugs you encounter are jealous mosquitoes.

Plan to keep food properly chilled and exercise caution when handling leftovers. If you don’t have one, invest in an insulated cooler bag that can hold enough ice to keep food at the right temperature.

Take some hand sanitiser for everyone to use before handling the food to make the experience as pleasant as it should be.

Carry water in a collapsible bottle. They are 80 per cent lighter than the hard-plastic variety and pack any crushable foods such as crisps in zip-top bags filled with air to cushion and prevent crushing.

To keep you pack even lighter, you can double up on usage such as using a sandwich sleeve as a place mat or napkin.

Cold chicken is a big favourite at picnics but remember that chicken sandwiches could contaminate quickly if mayonnaise or butter is added as they spoil in the heat. Use vinegar-based salads and spreads that will keep well in the cooler.

Pasta and potato salads are a crowd-pleaser at picnics and you can keep them cool by nestling serving bowls in store-bought bowl chillers or simple large serving bowl filled with ice.

Use multipurpose utensils to save space and reduce to risk of misplacing a utensil beneath the blanket. Insulated baskets and cooler bags are less bulky than a classic wicker basket and will collapse when they are empty.

Carry drinks separately in a handy tote to lighten the load of the main picnic bag. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and peanut brittle are all fun to make and easy to transport for desserts.

Sandwiches can be anything from peanut butter and banana spirals, to BLT wraps and are all easy to make even for the younger ones in the family.

For a more elegant evening or romantic affair, toss in some weather-resistant pillows and spread them around your blanket especially if you are attending a concert or outside entertainment. Sip in style from shatterproof wine or Champagne glasses that have removable stems and add some mood lighting with a tealight lantern or citronella candle to keep midges at bay.

If you have leftovers when you get home, remember if the ice in the cooler has melted, the leftovers are likely no longer cool enough to be considered safe to eat.

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Welcome to Tulip Time

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A BURST of warm weather came just in time. The tulips in Corbett Gardens are blooming and a colourful spectacle awaits thousands of expected visitors over the next few weeks.
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Those visitors will include international dignitaries. This morning the State Governor of Penang will tour the garden with Mayor Duncan Gair and head gardener Rod McTernan.

Capitalising on the success of last year’s improvements to the program, this year’s entertainment includes more activities for Highlanders to enjoy.

This weekend kicks off with a Sunset Cinema showing Dr Seuss’ The Lorax on Friday night, then the street parade from 2pm on Saturday.

Les Bleus with Nick Rheinberger will provide musical ‘Sounds of Spring’ in the garden afterwards.

Welcome to Tulip Time Tulip Time volunteers Valerie Crompton, Lyn Glass and Barbara Perrau welcome guests to the 2015 Tulip Time. Photos by Jen Walker

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There’s an art to spring and summer rolls

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2.8.15 James from Huong Xua will be running a sping roll cooking class as part of the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Picture: Anna Warr
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THE Cabramatta Moon Festival is around the corner and though there will be plenty to see and hear, the drawcard for outsiders has always been the food.

Huong Xua restaurant operations manager James Tran will teach people not only make spring rolls but also how to eat them.

“Back in the day, spring rolls were made for family gatherings rather than as an everyday meal,” he said.

The festival and demonstrations are open to everyone, he said.

“The Moon Festival is a time for loved ones to gather.

“Back in the day, it meant celebrating the end of a big harvest, but farming isn’t a common job any more.

“Nowadays, it’s really a time for Vietnamese people to enjoy the company of one another, and to share the culture with our friends.”

2.8.15 James from Huong Xua will be running a sping roll cooking class as part of the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Picture: Anna Warr

Another popular menu item, particularly those who aren’t fans of fried food, are goi cuon or Vietnamese summer rolls.

Goi Cuon are a signature dish made from rice paper, vermicelli and any combination of salad, prawn, pork or beef served with a dipping sauce.

They’re deceptively simple to make and have become a staple item on Vietnamese restaurant menus worldwide.

But what separates the mediocre to the world-class rolls are its presentation and balance, said Mr Tran, who will be judging the best summer rolls.

“What makes a good one?

“It’s about the display of colours and the balance taste,” he said.

“What I’ll be looking for are the neatest and tightest wrap without rips or tears.

“Also consistency — it shouldn’t falling out and the space between the prawns or pork should be even.”

He wouldn’t divulge his recipe, but said it has been unchanged for generations.

“Every family had their own special recipe,” he said.

“It sounds kind of corny, but our recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

“I learnt the recipe from my father and he learnt it from his mother.”

A call for competitors will be made on the day, September 27, and competitors will face off near the Mekong Mounties stage.

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Time to ride your bicycles

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Pictured: The first Harley Davidson, a motorised bicycle so underpowered, it couldn’t go uphill. Photo supplied by Harley Davidson Motor CompanyWITH spring in the air, it’s the best time to get out the bikes and enjoy the outdoors.
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Council has encouraged bike riders to don their helmets and join the sixth annual Bong Bong Track (BBT) Family Fun Ride this Sunday at the Bong Bong Shared Pathway.

Adults and children of all ages are invited to bring their bikes along to help celebrate NSW Bike Week and enjoy a 9km return ride from Burradoo to Moss Vale.

Council’s road safety officer, Melanie Lausz said the free event was a fun way to encourage people to learn more about safe cycling and its benefits.

“Bike Week is an annual celebration of cycling across NSW, encouraging people from all walks of life to get on a bike and ride,” she said.

The event will begin at 10am at the southern end of Railway Road in Burradoo (past Oxley College) and riders will receive a free NSW Bike Week water bottle and wrist band.

Everyone is welcome to attend. If 9km seems a bit too much, riders can turn around at any point on the track and return.

The day will also feature free face painting, a treasure hunt for the kids and a barbecue sausage sizzle.

Members from the Southern Highlands Cycling Club will also be on hand with practical advice on correct helmet fitting and cycle safety.

In addition to their bikes, participants should bring a compulsory helmet, sunscreen and water.

To download a registration form visit 梧桐夜网wsc.nsw.gov419论坛.Registration forms will also be available on the day.

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Police command shake-up: Chief Graham Ashton names four new assistant commissioners

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‘We are building a command team … to make our community safe’: Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton. Photo: Justin McManusInside the world of new commissioner Graham Ashton
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Victoria’s new top cop has revealed major changes in the senior command team of the state’s police force.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton, who took charge in July, appointed four new assistant commissioners on Tuesday.

Assistant Commissioner (Road Policing) Robert Hill, who has been in the position since June 2012 will be replaced by Commander Douglas Fryer, known for setting up the anti-bikie Echo Taskforce.

Mr Hill will move to Southern Metro Region.

In other changes, acting Assistant Commissioner Rick Nuget has been promoted to the head of Eastern Region, and Commander Brett Guerin will head the police watchdog professional standards command.

Intelligence and covert support command will be led by Acting Commander Neil Paterson.

Stephen Leane, who previously headed the professional standards command, has been appointed North West Metro Region Assistant Commissioner.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius has been seconded to a special project, which requires him to report to Deputy Commissioner Wendy Steendam, the details of which have not yet been made public.

Ms Steendam and Shane Patton were announced as Mr Ashton’s two new deputies in August, while Lucinda Nolan remains Assistant Commissioner of regional operations.

Part of Ms Steendam’s position involves implementing Ken Lay’s blue paper, a controversial vision for a modern police force.

“I am confident that with these announcements, and that of the recent deputy commissioners, we are building a command team that will place us in a strong position to continue to make our community safe,” Mr Ashton said.

The new assistant commissioners are expected to start in their roles in the coming weeks.

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Celebrity leads Moon Festival

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Photo shoot in the lead up to the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Mayor will be there along with the headline act and people in Minion costumes. A few different pics for the wrap please. Pictures: Jeff de Pasquale
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PRINNIE Stevens has starred on screens around the country as a finalist on Channel Nine’s The Voice, but residents can see her up close and personal as the headline act for the Cabramatta Moon Festival.

The 31-year-old went from contestant to celebrity when she made it to the top four on the show in 2012 and has stayed in the spotlight.

She went on to team up with entertainer Mahalia Barnes to release an album of R&B and soul duets and now has her own six-track EP titled One Night.

Residents who attend the Cabramatta Moon Festival will be treated to live songs from her album which started at No. 13 on Australian charts.

Photo shoot in the lead up to the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Mayor will be there along with the headline act and people in Minion costumes. A few different pics for the wrap please. Pictures: Jeff de Pasquale

Born in Tonga, Prinnie said that for her a big part of the festival would be celebrating diverse cultural backgrounds.

“I’m really excited for the festival,” she said.

“I’m here representing the Polynesian sector of the city.

“People can expect exactly what they saw on the voice: pop, high-energy songs that will get you up and dancing.”

Thriller Live – Prinnie Stevens

The singer said she wants residents to use the festival as an opportunity to spend time with community and family.

“Realise how much you have in your own backyard and value that,” she said.

“My set really does cater for eight- to 80-year-olds so there’s something for everyone.

“It’s going to be great.”

Prinnie Stevens will perform at the Cabramatta Moon Festival on Sunday, September 27.

Photo shoot in the lead up to the Cabramatta Moon Festival. Mayor will be there along with the headline act and people in Minion costumes. A few different pics for the wrap please. Pictures: Jeff de Pasquale

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Mayoral election process

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Wingecarribee Shire Council.THE mayoral election could see a new mayor take up the chair tonight.
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Each local government has the same system of election as prescribed by the Local Government Act and Regulations. Some have a popularly elected mayor, however, only a minority of Local Government areas follow this model.

Wingecarribee Shire Council elects a mayor and deputy mayor from one of the nine councillors.

Traditionally this has been by a show of hands, but councillors may choose on the night to hold a secret ballot.

Any councillor can put their hand up for the position of mayor or deputy mayor.

An initial vote will take place between councillors who have nominated to run for the position of mayor and deputy mayor.

After this vote, the two councillors with the highest votes will become the nominees for the second stage of the election.

However, if three nominees were to stand, and all three were to secure three votes, the three names would be put into a hat. The first person drawn out is discarded and the final two are re-submitted. Councillors must then re-vote on the two remaining candidates.

The councillor with the highest number of votes then becomes mayor.

The same voting process applies for the position of deputy mayor.

The mayoral election will be held tonight at 5pm at the council chambers in the Moss Vale Civic Centre and is open to the public.

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Last muster before Festival

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Former Parkes man Derek Thompson who was the guest artist at the 2014 Christmas Charity Muster. He took out a number of prizes during last year’s local Festival and is to participate again this year. The Parkes Country Music Association (CMA) muster this Sunday will be the last regular monthly event prior to the annual October long Weekend Festival.
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Singer/songwriter, Bill Murray, will be guest artist.

The greater part of activity at this time for the Parkes CMA committee is preparation for the Festival.

Many details need to be finalised and entries collated into sections of the Awards Talent Quest for which entries closed only yesterday.

(If you intended to enter and haven’t done so, late entries will only be considered if you do so as soon as possible and subject to section numbers having been received).

All the usual activities of regular musters will take place on Sunday with walk-up performers of any age, ability or music genre welcome to participate.

It is the great variety of music and songs provided by walk-up performers that make up the major part of the musical entertainment of the day, together with a performance by an invited artist.

Bill Murray, the guest artist, is from Cowra and is an elderly statesman of country music – a quiet, gentlemanly performer who will no doubt sing some of the old popular country songs that you know and can sing along with.

Bill has had a long career in music and in that time has rubbed shoulders with many of the well known names of Australian country music.

He did a guest spot in Parkes quite a number of years ago.

For the non-performing patrons of the muster, the music presented will no doubt provide ample opportunity to take to the floor for different styles of old time dancing.

There will also be a number of raffles, competitions and lucky draws that will give everyone an opportunity to take home a prize.

– – – –

The August Muster was an enjoyable afternoon despite guest artist, Stephen Cheney’s inability to perform due to illness.

There were nine walk-up performers, one of whom was a New Zealander, Dave Sutherland.

He and his wife were travelling through Parkes. He put his name down to perform and his accordian playing and singing was very much appreciated by our audience and musicians alike.

– – – –

At the recent meeting of the Parkes CMA it was decided the proceeds of the December Christmas Charity Muster will this year go to the local Can Assist branch.

The CMA has on a number of occasions over the years supported this worthy charity and will happily do so again.

Last year everyone turned pink to show their support for the local McGrath Foundation breast cancer work.

A very enjoyable function was enjoyed by an almost capacity crowd.

– – – –

With the arrival of spring, many CMA members are gearing up for the country music festival season which will see them soon travel to many and varied functions during September/October and November.

Following hot on the heels of the Parkes Festival will come the Bedgerabong Campout presented by Forbes CMC with a host of popular performers.

Then it’s on to Ariah Park, Rosewood (Tumbarumba), Leeton and Temora – busy time for those who follow the music.

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